Canadians will have many challenges in the coming year – one of them is the argument for or against carbon taxes. Be informed.  Here’s a collection of some of our more useful and popular resources.  Most of our material is written in plain language – we do provide some more technical material here.  For those who don’t enjoy reading, we’ve included some short videos. Please share and discuss these with family, friends and business associates.

Dr. Judith Curry explains why carbon dioxide is not a control knob that can fine tune climate. 

William Nordhaus versus the United Nations on Climate Change Economics 

Excerpt: Consider, now, the scenario “Limit temp. to 1.5°C.” Recall that this is the IPCC’s current policy goal and that various environmental analysts and pundits also embrace it. Because Nordhaus just won the Nobel Prize for his work on climate change, one might suppose that his model would provide support for the UN’s goal. It doesn’t.


As Table 1 indicates, Nordhaus’s model—at least as of its 2007 calibration—estimated that such a policy goal would make humanity $14 trillion poorer compared to doing nothing at all about climate change. Moreover, the $14 trillion magnitude of the net damages from the wrong policy—including what is now the UN’s goal—dwarfs the $3.07 trillion size of the net benefits from even the best theoretically possible policy.


In light of Nordhaus’s calculations shown above, the apparently urgent need for “climate action” is not so urgent. It now looks more analogous to economists discovering the theoretical possibility of an “optimal tariff” but still understanding that free trade is the safest rule of thumb.


Carbon Tax Reports, Video Clips

Let Them Eat Carbon: Rebutting Ecofiscal Commission
Checkstop: Challenging the Canadian Federal Government’s Carbon Pollution Pricing Results report:
Carbon Kleptomania (Is there really such a thing as a carbon ‘dividend’??)
Alberta Climate Plan – A Burden with No Benefit (technical)

McKitrick on Climate Change –
a Plain Language Guide to Social Costs of Carbon (Carbon Taxes)

14 short, plain language video clips with Dr. Ross McKitrick, professor of economics at the University of Guelph, that explain carbon taxes and their failings

Dr. McKitrick’s full presentation is here: (technical in nature)

UN CLIMATE PANEL (IPCC) – We dispute their findings. Here’s why.

Faulty Premises=Poor Public Policy on Climate
Extreme weather is not caused by an increase in carbon dioxide or global warming.
Dr. Madhav Khandekar:
Dr. Khandekar’s full presentation:

Climate Change and Extreme Weather: Perception Vs Reality

Renewables do not address climate change; Wind and Solar cannot support basic society.

In the Dark on Renewables: Rebutting Deloitte Insights and Climate Reality
Renewable is Not so Doable
Professor Michael J. Kelly of Cambridge discusses the failings of wind and solar and the lessons we ‘should’ have learned by now.

World Markets are Skewed – Canada is Taking a Beating. Why?

Undue Influence – Markets Skewed
Report: A Confluence of Carbonbaggers
How “Climate Risk” Groups like the CDP Worldwide are Skewing Investments (power point)
UNPRI – CDP Worldwide: Markets Skewed (power point)

Coal Phase-out –

Driven by UNPRI/CDP and ClimateWorks Partners pushing for Vested Interest Renewables (because coal is so cheap, no one in their right mind would choose wind or solar over reliable, affordable coal-fired power)

Burning Questions 
Child Health over Polar Bears
Dire Consequences: Destroying Alberta’s Affordable Power Advantage
Alberta Coal Phase-out: What air quality problem?
Hard Things are Hard

Challenging CBC and Minister McKenna on Coal and Climate Change

Climate Change Policy: A Threat to Canada

Robert Lyman, former public servant of 27 years and 10 years a diplomat. Deeply informed on the GHG reduction file.

Can Canada Survive Climate Change Policy?
Robert Lyman’s talk: Can Canada Survive Climate Change Policy?
Shorter clips:
Climate Change Policy: A Threat to Canada
Environment over Economy?
Turning Your Lifestyle Upside Down
No Pipeline is a Problem: Challenge to Democracy

Funding for Climate Hysteria Comes from These Foreign Billionaires

ClimateWorks Foundation – WikiLeaks



Why we think a global carbon tax law would be very destructive to Canada – aside from the fact it would install into law a faulty scientific premise…

Dr. Nir Shaviv explains how the Sun drives climate change. (scientific)