5 December 2018

The Revolt of the “Yellow Vests”

Contributed by Viv Forbes © 2018

For decades now, working people, tax payers and retirees have been battered by the Green elites who shelter in well-paid tax havens like the UN and Greenpeace.

These Green elites have been supported by fellow travellers like the Clintons, Obama and Hollywood in America; Merkel in Germany; David Cameron, Prince Charles, David Attenborough and the BBC in UK; Macron in France; Gillard, Turnbull, Flannery and the ABC in Australia; the Trudeau dynasty in Canada; plus ranks of pious clerics, scheming oil sheiks, green energy speculators and guilt-stricken big business executives.

This powerful elite has waged ceaseless war on the coal and nuclear power that provides cheap reliable electricity, on the farmers and fishermen who provide food, and on those who refine and manufacture things. They tax the diesel vehicles that provide transport and recreation for ordinary people and fill their suburbs and welfare rolls with imported “refugees”. They have captured their schools and universities that now provide more indoctrination than education. Green dogma infests the government media that people used to trust and is destroying the industries that once gave them well-paid jobs.

But Jack & Jill Public are starting to fight back.

The rise of Donald Trump in the US, Marine Le Pen in France, the Brexiteers in UK, political re-alignments in Denmark, the election of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil and now the sudden revolt of the “Yellow Vests” in Paris all show that an increasing number of people are fed up with their green overlords.

Australians are now joining this undercurrent of revolt. It is shown by the dethroning of closet-green PM Turnbull, the rise of dissident groups like the energy-focussed “Monash Forum”, the “Advance Australia” movement, the rural-based “Green Shirts” and the surprising early support for “The Saltbush Club” which urges Australia to exit immediately from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Viv Forbes


Disclosure: Viv Forbes is Founding Secretary of the Saltbush Club