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Albrecht Glatzle’s new paper shows agriculture is not a climate change villain. Will Wendy Mesley, of CBC’s The Weekly, or Minister McKenna celebrate this?

On Dec. 2, 2018, CBC’s Wendy Mesley on “The Weekly” ran an episode about “Canada’s Dirty Secret,” claiming we’re one of the worst polluters in the world. Aside from that being a ridiculous exaggeration, the show made a mockery of Canada’s agricultural sector by not adequately addressing farmers’ concerns about carbon taxes. (See our reports below)

At 11 minutes into the show, Canadian farmer Megz Reynolds tried to explain to Minister Catherine McKenna that a carbon tax will crush Canadian farmers.  They can’t pass on the price to consumers. While the Minister goes on for some time about the “amazing innovations” that she’s seen in agriculture – presumably to reduced carbon dioxide emissions – and she then offers to bribe prairie farmers by sending them more money than they pay in carbon taxes (something we call “Carbon Kleptomania”), it’s pretty clear to those who know farming that this is a dead end.

Ironically, the Minister supports the IPCC, which is calling for massive investment in “BECCS” – Biomass Energy Carbon Capture and Storage” – a wacky, untested idea that proposes growing crops (to sequester carbon) and then burning those crops to generate energy and capturing the carbon emissions from burning in a sequestration process in the ground. It is discussed here by Roger Pielke, Jr.

Aside from the fact that this would take up land, at scale, that is one and a half times the size of India, and aside from the wasteful use of fossil fuels to plant and harvest a crop that will just be burnt and not feed the hungry millions of the earth, and aside from the fact that Boundary Dam in Saskatchewan is already successful producing real, reliable power from such an operation (using high density coal…which used to be wood, aka biomass), the UN special rapporteur on the right to food deemed biofuels to be a crime against humanity, way back in 2007.

Report: http://dag.un.org/handle/11176/263367

It is difficult to understand how a social justice lawyer like the Minister can support an organization like the IPCC that advocates for crimes against humanity. 

We doubt that Wendy Mesley will ever interview her about this.

But the good news is that agriculture, particularly the livestock industry, is not a climate change villain.

As it turns out, agriculture expert, Albrecht Glatzle, just issued a new paper showing that agriculture is not an Anthropogenic Climate Change driver: “Domestic Livestock and Its Alleged Role in Climate

LINK to report:  63148 (2)


We wait for the Minister to say instead of “Let them eat carbon” … “Let them eat beef.”


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