Contributed by Drieu Godefridi © 2018

The world press is bursting with news of the revolt in France of “Yellow Vests”, at the same time that French President Macron issues communiques on “dying gasps” of the movement, as if they are having the wind kicked out of them. A leading American news site “Fox news” headlined yesterday “Paris burns – Long Live the Resistance”, while the influential “Drudge Report” shot out “Paris Burns – Towards Civil War?” Who is right?

There are three reasons to doubt the state’s claims of ‘dying gasps’ of this tax revolt.


First of all, yesterday there were some reports claiming 750,000 demonstrators throughout France (according to a police union). If so, this would be six fold the figure offered by Castaner, the Socialist Minister of the Interior. The number is important, as the “Yellow Vests” are a popular movement without structure or organization.


Although lip service, even the regime supporter media outlet BFMTV – offered a unanimous view that the movement is supported by the majority of the French, who cannot stand any more financial pressures. When there is no more money, ideology no longer holds anyone in thrall.


Above all, in January 2019, both a new fuel tax increase and a withholding tax take effect. This tax oppression mechanically condemns millions of formerly middle-class and working poor French people to a head-first plunge into poverty where they will no longer know how to pay for the necessities of life: heating, fuel, medical care, food.


It seems doubtful that the revolt of people is diminishing when the state progressively and aggressively confiscates the means of their subsistence, and finally their dignity.



Drieu Godefridi is author of “IPCC – A Scientific Body?” 

The original French version is “Le GIEC est mort: Vive la Science” 

He also authored: “La Revolution Trump”