Berlin – Award-winning Dutch documentary filmmaker, Marijn Poels, announces the upcoming release of his new independent film “PARADOGMA.” This is a sequel to his controversial climate and energy film “The Uncertainty Has Settled.” PARADOGMA, part two of a trilogy, begins its European debut in selected cinemas from October.

PARADOGMA was inspired by the social and personal consequences Poels experienced after the release of “The Uncertainty Has Settled”.  In the film he asks critical questions about climate science and energy policies without giving answers. He was both praised and attacked for this oblique approach.

It seemed that questioning the paradigms related to climate change science or energy policies, caused a knee-jerk dogmatic response in most people, usually condemning him as a social heretic. Hence, the title


Poels had spent nine years working in poverty and conflict countries, making over 50 films, often working in dictatorships and conflict zones.

The censorship and condemnation Poels experienced from many people over “The Uncertainty Has Settled” left him with questions which he saw applied to other parts of society.  People who dare to question important themes today, are often silenced or labeled as suspicious and dangerous. Where once democracies valued and encouraged debate, Poels saw that Western society is dividing itself with stark lines between the left, the right, the good or the bad.

What is strangling debate? How liberal is the West? Should we ignore or embrace other perspectives? PARADOGMA is a critical, thought-provoking journey through ancient tribal conflicts, in a new era wherein world views clash and free speech crumbles under pressure to conform. Poels therefore traveled the world to meet Canadian clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, Russian philosopher Alexandr Dugin, German author Dirk Müller and others.

PARADOGMA is the second part in a planned trilogy. This self-financed independent film will start touring through cinema’s worldwide from October 2018.



Marijn Poels was guest speaker at Friends of Science Society’s 15th Annual Event in the spring of 2018.  Here is his full presentation: