Popular Global Warming/Glacier Melt/Sea Level Rise Chapter Tops 7,000 Downloads

Friends of Science Society is pleased to announce that the chapter:

‘Global warming, glacier melt and sea level rise; new perspectives” written by one of their scientific advisors, Dr. Madhav Khandekar, has topped 7,000 downloads.  Among his many notable achievements, Dr. Khandekar is former WMO Expert, UNDP Program in Barbados West Indies January 1975-August 1977.

Dr. Khandekar notes that: “I have estimated future sea level rise by 2100 to be about 23cm +/- 5cm.  I have also documented further that this modest rise in sea level in future poses NO risk to some of the ‘low lying’ areas of the world, like The Maldive Islands in the Indian Ocean, Tuvalu Island in the South Pacific and in Bangladesh, where a large population (several tens of millions) lives on Ganga/Ganges River Delta which is only few meters above mean sea level there. “

Read his work here:



Dr. Khandekar:

On clean coal technology and growing needs of developing world.


Dr. Khandekar:

On Monsoons and the billions of people without suitable power generation.



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  1. barry moore

    Continental ice melting is a total red herring. A large portion of the globe’s interior is mostly molten iron at 6 000 Deg C. The surface of Antarctica is approximately MINUS 40 deg C. Heat conducts from hot to cold (basic physics) . The rock/ice interface is up to 3km below the surface.
    Ice melt is 100% due to geothermal heat. Please have we thrown basic physics out the window.

  2. barry moore

    With regard to sea ice melting since approximately 95% of the ice is underwater and the specific heat of water is about 4 times that of air most of the heat required to melt sea ice comes from the ocean not the air.

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