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We are witnessing a holy alliance between Third World ecologists and big finance, orchestrated by the European Union, under the amused gaze of the American giant who has now taken leave of all this masquerade.

By Alain Préat, Henri Masson and Drieu Godefridi.

The party of the ecologists in Bonn – COP23 – has wrapped up. The polar bear disguises will be stored until the next COP. The activists had to be content with the dullness of Bonn, not having had the pleasure of going to the  paradisaical Fiji islands, which presided over COP23 as ‘host nation,’ but lacked the infrastructure to accommodate the thousands of usual ecologist tourists. (Rest assured, these islands are doing well, they are in no danger of being submerged.)

The umpteenth failure of the Conferences of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change no longer surprises anyone. Except for some of the implacable, such as the RTBF (Belgian public service) or France 2, the media have also not talked much about COP23. If you are curious enough to look outside of Europe, you will have noticed that this High-Mass disappointed audiences even before its launch. When you cry wolf everyday you become inaudible.


In fact, apart from COP-21 that gave the illusion of success with the Paris Agreement – but that is in fact a total failure, because this agreement is empty, and an orphan since the American departure – each COP succeeds the other without anything concrete being decided.

How could it be otherwise since limiting CO2 emissions can only be achieved by two means: the massive deployment of nuclear energy – a solution that COP ecologists stubbornly refuse – or by creating a recession, what the “deep” ecologists desire and advocate quite coherently but one that governments refuse because it would plunge our people into poverty and regression.

Some people will console themselves by thinking that a handful of countries who joined #PoweringPastCoal alliance are committed to no longer using coal to produce electricity. Who signed this agreement? Belgium. Remember that the last Belgian coal power plant, that of Langerlo, closed in April 2016. Belgium has thus joined Luxembourg and Fiji … which do not consume coal.


The failure is not only that of these conferences but more generally the supposedly “green” policies. For those who are willing to admit it, we are witnessing the bankruptcy of the entire UN process.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was adopted in June 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro. 

Since 1992, the signatories have been lost in words, in abstruse texts and in travels – generating so much CO2 emissions that are “offset” (a term that designates, as in religions, penance for the fault committed) financially by the taxpayers – while CO2 emissions increased over 54% in 25 years ! This says it all. To which these ecologists respond, as the Socialists have done for 150 years: without us, it would be worse! Fortunately being ridiculous won’t kill you…


The failure was so predictable that, even before this meeting, President Macron had already convened another meeting to try to save the Paris Agreement . While the official process since 1992 is that of the Conference Of the Parties-COP, France organized another meeting on the heart of the problem: money! Yes, it is this, in the end, where lies the hope of the world of finance so dear to the French president: to manipulate the hundred billion dollars A YEAR provided for in the Green Fund that the COP-19 had announced.

As the late Prof. Istvan Marko said, this fund would transfer money from the pockets of Western middle classes to the bank accounts of wealthy leaders of less developed countries, especially African and Asian, through the big finance.


There is thus a holy alliance between the Third World ecologists and big finance, all orchestrated by the European Union, under the amused glance of the American giant who has now taken leave of all this masquerade.

The polar bear disguises will come out in November 2019 in Katowice, which will host COP-24. The journalists of France 2 and the RTBF will book their plane ticket and the hotel to ensure that the Belgian and French people will again be terrified for 15 days. 

Katowice? Yes, the coal center of Poland. Which has not signed the declaration of  the #PoweringPastCoal alliance because it produces 84% of its electricity. Since Germany, that just hosted COP-23, produces 47% of its electricity from coal, COP-25 should take place in South Africa, which generates 94% of his electricity from the COP’s number one enemy.

Thus the masquerade would reach cosmic proportions.


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About the Authors of the blog post:

Alain Préat – Interview:

Académie royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique

Drieu Godefridi –   a classical-liberal Belgian author, is the founder of the l’Institut Hayek in Brussels. He has a PhD in Philosophy from the Sorbonne in Paris and also heads investments in European companies. He has just published “LA PASSION DE L’EGALITE — Essai sur la civilisation socialiste” (, a thorough deconstruction of Socialism. Godefridi is also the author of “Le GIEC etMort; Vive le Science” (The IPCC is Dead: Long Live Science) published in English under the title “The IPCC: A Scientific Body?”

Henri Masson, M Sc.Chemical Engineering, PhD Chemical Engineering Processes (University of Brussels, Belgium).

Professor Emeritus University of Antwerp (Belgium) in data mining, technological innovation and environmental and energy technologies & management. Visiting Professor at Maastricht School of Management (The Netherlands), and Business School Netherlands in international management and research methods (with emphasis on data mining, non-linear time series and complex systems structure and dynamics). Previously, Visiting Professor of Environmental Management and eco-design at EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland).

Past Director of SEII ( European Society of Engineers and Industrialists). Past Vice-President of SRBII (Royal Belgian Society for Engineers and Industrialists) and Past Vice-President of FEDDE (European Federation of Ethics and Sustainable Development).

E.C, World Bank, UNDP, UNOPS, UNEP expert in energy & environment , capacity building of civil services and (energy & environment) strategy formulation, implementation, cascading and monitoring.

Author of more than 150 scientific papers and communications at international congresses.