The 97 percent should sit and watch it

Dutch journalist of RTL-Z, Roderick Veelo wrote an enthusiastic review of Marijn Poels’ independent documentary, “The Uncertainty Has Settled” which was screened in the European Parliament on Oct. 18, 2017.

Poels is a young, left-wing independent filmmaker who has spent much of his life working in developing nations where food security is a crucial issue.  He returns home to Europe for a break, only to find that farmers are producing subsidies with wind farms instead of growing food and that climate change policies have turned common sense, food security, and economics upside down.

Translation of this original report by Roderick Veelo:

Ook 97 procent van de wetenschap kan er naast zitten

Een synopsis van het gesprek met Poels hier en zijn documentaire daar.

I had the privilege this week to speak with Dutch documentary maker Marijn Poels and to view his movie “The Uncertainty has settled”. A documentary I strongly recommend to anyone. If only because of the pleasure of hearing things that are rarely or never heard.


Marijn Poels, filmmaker

A synopsis of my interview with Poels is here- hier the documentary link- daar.

The subject of the film is climate change. The consensus on human influence on science, politics and the media is so huge, that a different sound almost fails to penetrate into our daily lives.

The general agreement on man-made climate change may well have produced Treaties from Kyoto to Paris, billions in investments and a climate minister, so the rare amazement and doubt feel like a breath of fresh air in this closed consensus.

Because there is something here like imposed unanimity without contradiction. I do not know if the climate sceptics in Poels’ film are closer to the truth than the famous 97 percent (of their colleagues), but their story at least fascinating.

I become even more curious about the hostility against these proper scientists – and anyone who dares to listen to them – share. A deviant analysis of the climate is apparently a serious offense.

The accusation [by the self-proclaimed consensus group] is that a unified approach is undermined and questioning anything would lead to the salvation of the earth being under threat. Criticism on the consensus is a climate offense.

The advantage of thus creating an enemy over just having a difference of opinion is that you do not have to talk to an enemy. We do not see an open debate between climate scientists with differing analyses, only suspicions and abusive language.

The enforced harmony does not tolerate dissidents, but inevitably the enforced unanimity creates doubt and opposition.


Freeman Dyson

The final touch in Poels’ documentary is from the worthy American physicist Freeman Dyson (now aged 93). Dyson sees the social and scientific debate as a tribal struggle. It has common security as its priority. Dyson: “Whether you really are right does not matter. It’s more important to be part of the club than to speak the truth.”


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  1. Ron Clutz

    Here is the trailer, if it opens correctly.
    [vimeo 191830278 w=640 h=268]

    If not it can be viewed on my blog post relating this film to damages from climate policies as explained by Robert Lyman

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