“Climate Barbie” is Flattering and Funny; “Climate Denier” is Defamatory

Contributed by Norm Kalmanovitch, P. Geoph. and Michelle Stirling ©2017

Hanging monikers on people has always been part of the political game, but only if there is no defamation associated with the name calling.

When Prime Minister Trudeau succumbed to Environmentalist lobby pressure and renamed the “Ministry of the Environment” the “Ministry of Environment and Climate Change” he unwittingly gave MP Catherine McKenna the title “Climate Minister”.

climate barbie

Minister McKenna bears a striking resemblance to Mattel’s Barbie Doll so it is not out of line for another Member of Parliament to make this flattering and funny comparison referring to Canada’s Climate Minister as “Climate Barbie” in his tweet “Has anyone told our Climate Barbie!” 

This term is very different than a Member of Parliament using the term “climate denier” which equates people to Holocaust deniers.

mckenna denier tweet

In fact, by 2005, scientists were aware that the radiative forcing (GHG) theory was failing when measured against the evidence.

screenshot-www.nap.edu-2017-08-04-12-18-17 cover of radiative forcing of climate change

By 2005, the climate scientists knew that while carbon dioxide levels continued to rise apace, global temperatures were flat-lining with no significant rise in temperature – a fact ultimately reported in the 2013 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

IPCC box 9.2

This reversal from global warming to global flat-lining/cooling had taken place in 2002.  If widely publicized, the claim of CO2 emissions (from burning fossil fuels) causing Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming would result in the collapse of the global ‘clean’ energy industry.  To keep this, and other dissenting scientific information from stimulating open public debate, the promoters of  ‘clean’ energy came up with the defamatory moniker “denier.”

The term implies a similar genocidal fate awaits humankind, and that it will be caused by dissenting voices who obviously oppose ‘saving the planet’ and effectively ends any conversation.  This may be why it is reportedly abruptly used by Al Gore whenever one asks a simple question.

Likewise PR guru James Hoggan and his staff use it widely on his DeSmogBlog:

These are not debunkers, testing outrageous claims with scientific rigor. They are deniers – like Holocaust deniers – shouting against a truth that they find economically unpalatable. They are not using science; they’re using a toxic concoction of public relations stunts of which any good PR professional should be ashamed.

– Jim Hoggan, DeSmogBlog (2005)

Referencing “deniers” to Holocaust deniers is defamatory in nature; Hoggan subsequently edited out “like Holocaust deniers” on the blog which now reads:

They are deniers,..?…?… shouting against a truth that they find economically unpalatable.” https://www.desmogblog.com/skeptics-debunkers-and-deniers

Once initiated, the “Holocaust denial” connotation became permanently attached to “denier” as evidenced by Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Ellen Goodman who stated in her February 9, 2007 Boston Globe op-ed:

Let’s just say that global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers, though one denies the past and the other denies the present and future.” (The record shows that in 2007 the world had already been cooling for five years!)

Even Paul McCartney joined the “denier chorus” with this Holocaust denier connotation: “Some people don’t believe in climate warming – like those who don’t believe there was a Holocaust.” – Paul McCartney, Musician (2010)


To put this nonsense in some sort of real world perspective, we have none of the mainstream media getting upset over a Canadian Minister defaming someone as being equivalent to a Holocaust denier for refusing to believe in her climate change doctrine, yet the benign and justifiable moniker “Climate Barbie” makes headlines as being derogatory against women with Climate Minister McKenna playing a feminist “victim” card in her rebuttal tweet

Do you use that sexist language about your daughter, mother, sister? We need more women in politics. Your sexist comments won’t stop us. https://twitter.com/gerryritzmp/status/910200542248427520 …

8:23 PM – Sep 19, 2017


What has been missed in all this name calling banter is the most important part of MP Gerry Ritz’s Tweet “Has anyone told our climate Barbie!”

Even though people try to explain to Climate Minister McKenna important information about climate science and energy policies, she refuses to listen to anyone considered a “climate denier” – aka anyone who disagrees with her, even if they are qualified experts in science or energy policies.

As seen below, the Minister attended the opening of Al Gore’s movie along with his producer Mr. Skoll.

screenshot-twitter.com-2017-07-27-13-34-08 mckenna tweet beinconvenient

In an interview this fall in Maclean’s magazine, the pair of Gore and Skoll tout renewables and proclaim that within a decade we could have a global renewable grid – Maclean’s reports but does not ask any hard questions about this idea.

screenshot-www.macleans.ca-2017-07-27-10-53-41 jeff skoll macleans grid in 10 years

A recent study entitled “Burden of Proof” examined numerous proposed 100% renewable grid ideas and found that none of them could meet the requirements of modern society – and most were simply modelled on computer simulations, with little or no practical evidence to support the claims.

In fact a number of studies now show that wind and solar are a wasteful use of precious materials, difficult and energy intensive to recycle, that they are making things worse and that they do not address climate change anyway.

Prof. Michael J. Kelly of Cambridge reports that wind and solar do not provide sufficient energy return on energy invested to even support basic society.  He calls it ‘total madness’ that we attempt to continue on this path.

Had “Climate Barbie” undertaken the required due diligence and listened to what properly qualified scientists had to say, she would have been aware of the fact that in spite of all the CO2 emissions resulting from the burning of fossil fuels during the past 165 years; there has only been 0.78°C of net warming since 1850 and virtually all of this warming was part of the natural recovery from the (1690) cold point of the Little Ice Age.

norm 0 78 degrees


In our personal and professional opinions it was thoughtless for the Government to sign on to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement to allegedly prevent a further 1.22°C of warming by killing our fossil fuel powered economy in the vague, unscientific hope of keeping global temperatures from rising to 2.0°C above the preindustrial level!

Ignoring the empirical evidence refuting climate change nonsense by labelling dissenting scientists as “deniers” equivalent to Holocaust deniers and refusing to thoughtfully review proper scientific and technical evidence prior to making unrealistic and economically unsound policies means the government is unconcerned for its people and their precious tax dollars.


Humans do affect the earth and regional climates – with land use, water diversion, deforestation and noxious pollutants (not carbon dioxide).  Untreated wastewater pours into natural waterways around the world.  We have the technology to mitigate noxious emissions and to treat wastewater; to improve life for all and to retain the health of the planet.  Instead we are busy funnelling public money into climate change initiatives based on faulty science and vested green crony capitalist interests.  We pretend to be clean and green with wind turbines and solar panels, and yet we deny the human tragedy of those working in the rare earth mineral mines and manufacturing in developing nations – with no hazmat gear, no environmental management, no reclamation.

For people in the environmental movement who claim to be concerned with social justice, surely this is the crime against humanity that one should not deny.


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  1. Marjorie Spacek

    The facts that have emerged for many years now showing that carbon dioxide has little, if nothing, to do with temperatures of our atmosphere, suggest that carbon dioxide was chosen for some reason other than scientific basis to be a culprit. We constantly have contradictions from the alarmist group; for instance, the manufacture and erection of wind turbines produce huge amounts of carbon dioxide that are never compensated for during the lifetime operation of the wind turbines. They need 100% backup from reliable sources of energy, so why build them? They do not save the Earth.

  2. spock2009

    Does anyone anywhere believe that “Climate Barbie” would even be in Federal politics if it were not for being French and a woman?
    The woman has emphatically demonstrated and continues to demonstrate that she, like her boss, is totally unqualified for the position in which she has been placed. Her scientific illiteracy combined with her total disregard for not only the truth but also the people of Canada, make her the worst possible choice for a ministerial position of any type and is a total disgrace to Canada.
    Like Trudeau, she stubbornly barges forward in inflicting as much economic pain as possible on our country while continuing to ignore the actual scientific research and data (on climate change).
    Not only has there not been a single scientific research paper published confirming that reducing our output of CO2 can have any significant effect on climate but even those who are the most extreme in pushing the anthropogenic global warming agenda have admitted that Canada would have only the most minimal effect, even if all of our CO2 production were stopped immediately.
    When will this insanity stop? Must Canada be destroyed first?

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