Friends of Science Society does not represent any industry sector or any pecuniary interests – we examine the evidence over the ideology on climate change and climate policies and report on our findings.

In 2013, Friends of Science Society hosted Dr. Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation of the UK as guest speaker – the title of his talk was “To Heat or Eat: Europe’s Failed Climate Policy Fiasco.” His discussion of the ramifications of the EU climate policies to date were shocking.

Since 2002, our founding year, Friends of Science Society has researched and questioned the claimed economic and environmental/climate benefits of various climate change policies.  Dr. Peiser showed us the tragedy of Europe’s ‘rush-to-renewables.’


Consequently, we hoped that we would have an opportunity to have a hearing on the merits of the Jenner Wind Farm, the proponents being the Power Renewable Energy Corporation of Quebec.

A large part of our membership is made up of Alberta residents; many are experts in engineering, geosciences, solar sciences, power generation, business and industry.  We also have an international network of respected scientists and economists with whom we consult. We have informed opinions. However, we are a small organization with a nominal operating budget. We can speak up – but only the public can speak out.

In the interests of informed public debate, we are posting our submissions and the decisions by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC).  All of this material is already in the public domain, available on the AUC website, but it may be hard to find for someone not familiar with the process of filing.

We are deeply concerned about the impact of climate policies, incentives to impose wind and solar on the Alberta economy (while phasing out #coal)  on business viability and on the impact on consumers, especially for those living on limited means.

In our opinion, affordable and reliable power is a ‘human right’ in a ‘winter’ country like ours – and to our luck and credit, Alberta is blessed with excellent, high quality, low-emissions coal reserves that would last hundreds of years, that we own, as well as Alberta’s power producers having several low-emissions, high efficiency coal-fired power plants. Based on our review of climate science, the evidence and the relative benefits of coal power to Alberta, we reject the claims that phasing out coal will do anything but make Albertans poor. Based on our review of the evidence about health care, affordable and reliable power is the most crucial element of modern health care. (Please see our detailed review of the Alberta Climate Plan – A Burden with No Benefit.  Regarding health care and anti-coal activists, please see our reports “Burning Questions” and “Dire Consequences”)

We invite you to review our submissions and the relevant decisions.  We are interested in informed, thoughtful and civil public debate.  It is our opinion that we have an obligation as do you, as citizens of Alberta (and Canada), to speak up on these matters.

Our request for a hearing:


AUC decision:


Our request for appeal:


AUC decision:


The foregoing are our opinions based on substantial evidence, and are offered without malice and with the intent to inform thoughtful public debate on these important, multi-billion dollar/multi-decade energy policy decisions in Alberta.

Rather than killing bats and birds as wind farms do, it seems that Alberta’s coal-fired power plants are a happy nesting spot for Peregrine Falcons.

Comments welcome. We appreciate civil comments and open debate. Thank you.