On Nov. 23, 2016, a group of some 60 CEOs and ‘civil society leaders’ sent a letter to the Prime Minister and First Ministers and publicized it via Smart Prosperity’s website.

There’s much talk of ‘bold action’ and ‘greener power, smarter transportation, cleaner production’ – but they don’t give any concrete examples of these in the ‘global effort to fight climate change.’

In other words, their letter is ‘all hat, no cattle.’

The Smart Prosperity group letter is filled with lots of rhetoric with no actual examples of what they propose to do – though ‘putting a price on carbon’ is a theme.

So – Friends of Science Society has issued a rebuttal filled with evidence, not ideology.  Can we meet our Paris COP-21 commitments and prosper? No. It is simple math. Read our letter and understand the math and the scope of what these people propose.  And no, we’re not pessimists. We’re realists.

Click on the link below to download our rebuttal:


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