Trumping the climate — Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry So . . . what can we expect from the Trump administration on environment/climate/energy?

via Trumping the climate — Climate Etc.

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  1. Scottish Sceptic

    Whilst I’d love to say “roll back all the idiotic ideas … “, what is far more important is to change the system that creating these idiotic ideas and allowed them to get into government policy as “settled science”.

    First Trump needs to enforce the subpoena against NOAA – and ideally start criminal prosecutions against those who refused to comply with a lawful subpoena by their oversight committee. This will start pulling back the covers of the scam revealing its true nature and extend. We already know they manipulated the data – what we don’t know is whether this was enforced corruption by a few senior people, or whether it started in the ranks and senior people were “led along”.

    Then when we know the cause of the rot – we need to cut it out and take preventative measures to ensure it never happens again WHATEVER THE COLOUR OF THE NEXT PRESIDENT.

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