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The climate agreement drafted during the COP21 meeting is dying. In what looks like a desperate attempt to save it, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Barack Obama have announced this Friday, September 2nd, their joint decision to ratify the climate treaty drawn in Paris and acclaimed by all. This news has been proclaimed with great fanfare before the G20 meeting to be held two days later in Hangzhou.


There was a grand ceremony, at the extent of the event, with vigorous handshakes, brilliant smiles, signatures relayed by all televisions advertising a historic day in our long journey towards saving the planet (that does not need it, really) and endless congratulations.


But don’t be fooled. This show for the media has only one goal: trying to influence some countries, especially Western and English-speaking nations, and persuade them to ratify the Paris treaty that is, for the time being, a resounding failure. Indeed, only twenty-three small countries, eager to receive the subsidies associated with this contract, have endorsed the agreement. The amount of CO2 produced by all these nations is in the order of 1.1% of all the anthropogenic CO2 (0.04% of the total CO2). Recall that this treaty will become binding only if 55% of the countries sign the agreement. In addition, it also requires that the quantity of CO2 generated by the signatory parties be equal to 55% of the CO2 emitted by humans. As you can see, we are far, far away from such a binding perspective.


Therefore, it is imperative to impress and try to convince other countries, especially those who imitate and follow the US. Likewise, it is important – though not too difficult – to convince the countries of the European Union, who will be all too happy to sacrifice their economy and the welfare of their citizens on the altar of the environmentalist ideology. For trying to save the world from a hypothetical global warming due to human activity would cost a huge amount of money. Neither China nor the US will pay. As for the poor countries, they obviously want to receive money, not give it away.


This is the real crunch of the matter: money and political power. Climate and CO2 are just scarecrows intended to divert public attention from the real aims pursued. To be successful in this gruesome endeavor, the UN and its minions did not hesitate to propose ineffective, but terribly expensive solutions to solve a non-existent problem.


The ratification by China and the US has no value and is not binding in any way. Indeed, China continues to invest heavily in coal and nuclear power. It has no intention whatsoever of slowing down this expansion before 2030, when its population is expected to reach a plateau and stabilize. Xi Jinping does not care one bit about CO2 (China produces four times more CO2 than the West) and his signature is essentially a gimmick. Indeed, future signatory countries will see their competitiveness vis-à-vis China seriously compromised. To maximize energy efficiency, China, which already benefits from carbon credits, will pursue relentlessly its installation of coal power plants. With nuclear and hydropower, these energy sources generate about 97% of China’s total energy; the “renewable” painstakingly filling up the gap.


The stamp of Obama is not even worth the paper on which it is affixed. Without approval by the Congress – who will not ratify this treaty because it will harm the economy and the competitiveness of the United States – this document is null and void. While Obama might attempt to sneak this agreement through, in the form of guidelines promulgated by the EPA (Agency for Environmental Protection), a government organization that has been shaped entirely to his will, there’s a good chance that nothing will happen before he is leaving the White House. The Trump phenomenon, in turn, creates a huge discomfort among climate alarmists and their minions since Trump clearly declared its willingness to cut all funds dedicated to UN agencies involved in one way or another with the climate, including the IPCC.


As for the Green Fund, which was to receive $ 100 billion annually to help countries fight against global warming, it has been endowed so far by just over $ 550 million (0.55%). Despite promises loudly voiced in Paris, the politicians finally realized the enormity of the amount requested and are simply ignoring the supplications of the UN. The Green Fund is such a blatant failure that its President has recently resigned.


Whilst China and the US will try to convince us, Citizens of the so-called “rich countries” (for how long?) to open our wallets and simultaneously scuttle our economy, India has already indicated that it will not sign the agreement within a foreseeable future, if ever. One of the reasons is the stubborn refusal of China to allow India to join the Nuclear Producer Group. Moreover, Prime Minister Modi wants to raise his country out of poverty and give everyone access to cheap and reliable energy, which will be impossible if he signs the agreement of the COP21. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte speaks in a similar manner and recently announced that he will not honor the promises made in Paris. As for Russia and Brazil, they are patiently waiting and analyzing the extent of the juicy profits they could make if they sign this treaty.


As always, these international agreements are never going to “save” our climate – climate has indeed no need of them and is doing fine, thank you – but will result, as usual, in increased CO2 emissions, industries relocating to Asia where the leaders are more rational.

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