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We found the #LEAPManifesto to not reflect our views of Canada. So we came up with the “Look Before You Leap” – or #LookManifesto. Comments welcome.

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  1. We start from the premise that Canada is a great country facing a world in crisis – no matter what our past sorrows or successes, only by working together as one people, can we heal wounds and face the challenges ahead.
  2. Thanks to our industrious and inventive people, we survive in this extreme climate in comfort – we feed the world with farm goods, house the world with our lumber and minerals, power the world with our oil, gas and coal, enhance the world with our hi-tech, aerospace, geo-sciences and bio-tech innovations, and so we can afford to be the third most generous, charitable nation in the world. As well, we welcome Foreign Workers whose earnings send some $24 billion dollars back home annually, directly to family members who need this help. Little or none of it is lost in the pockets of corrupt intermediaries.
  3. We honor and respect our scientists, engineers, policy-makers and monitoring agencies who, together have reduced Canada’s emissions and set high standards for environmental quality in air, land and water. We have a vast, modern, industrialized nation. We are distant from world markets and feature a sparse population, widely spread out, meaning transportation emissions are a given – yet, per capita GDP, our GHG emissions are less than those of the tiny Pacific Islands.         To have a healthy environment, we need a strong economy.
  4. Some people claim we could live in a country fueled 100% by renewables, they say that we should ‘leap’ into that. We say to them – look before you LEAP. Take the advice of power generation engineers and experts, Think common sense. “If it sounds too good to be true, it is.”
  5. Canada is the country most nations would love to be We do have current and historic challenges. However, through thoughtful policy, born out of respectful dialogue and careful consideration of public concern, and by applying the evidence-based Scientific Method, we will address and resolve these one by one.
  6. All countries have sovereign equality under the UN Charter (Article 2.1)—we should guard our own rights carefully; the UN is not accountable to us or elected by us. The UN is an external body made up of a majority countries that do not share our democratic, economic or social-cultural values.
  7. Canada is rich in resources, making us a target in international trade wars, often fronted or disguised as environmental issues (not applied anywhere else!)
  8. Careful assessment in advance can reduce or eliminate unpleasant or disastrous unintended consequences. Take time to do things right the first time.
  9. Climate change science is filled with uncertainties that are reported by the IPCC. Environmental groups and news media hype a catastrophic scenario, not supported by the evidence. Climate change is a largely natural process that is affected by humans. Carbon dioxide is a nominal factor in warming; it is necessary for life itself. Pollution and poverty are more important issues to address.
  10. Look at the evidence over the ideology. Haste makes waste. Look before you leap.


PDF: look manifesto draft two feb 6 2016 w hawk




  1. Scott Drysdale

    This is really quite excellent…..except for the statement that the LEAP Manifesto was developed by intellectuals….. which is actually misleading IMHO. Based on my 40+ years of energy industry electrical power and generation experience, none of these quasi or pseudo-intellectuals have a solid foundation in the pure sciences as do all engineers… Part 1 of Opus Majus (Sir Roger Bacon’s scientific method) states the following:

    Part one considers the obstacles to real wisdom and truth, classifying the causes of error (offendicula) into four categories: following a weak or unreliable authority, custom, the ignorance of others, and concealing one’s own ignorance by pretended knowledge.

    Reference material: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opus_Majus

  2. Scott Drysdale

    Having carefully researched Naomi Klein’s books and online information here is what we need to take into account. Naomi Klein is first and foremost anti-global capitalist! It is perhaps more important for us to focus on her violation of part one of the same Opus Majus manuscript!

    But there is more…… she jumps on the green cAGW bandwagon full force in her latest books….. one begins to suspect the cAGW bandwagon is the vehicle she requires to achieve her anti-global capitalist goal(s) more quickly.
    in her latest book entitled “This Changes Everything” she maligns the part 2 of Sir Roger Bacon’s scientific method Opus Majus..(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Opus_Majus)… manuscript commissioned by the Pope at that time…. ref: page 177 in the Extractivism chapter.

    Riddled throughout her book is much disdain for the Judeo-Christian societies, e.g., page 289 that she claims got us all in to this mess….. e.g., page 395 she calls us the “God species” that continues to stand in opposition to “secular” science deemed entirely logical and effective when religion does not stand in the way.

    Later she calls upon faith organizations to divert financial resources away from typical financial savings and towards supporting the green environmental movement! Are the missionaries not poor enough already? ref: page 395.

    Fighting against the establishment again and again, she aligns closely with several North American aboriginal groups from west to the east coast, e.g., page 299 to share the results of her meddling with the reader. She has abandoned judeo-christian societal conformance in favor of ancient North American aboriginal spiritualism….. a strategy that is really a means to an end…. the anti-capitalist agenda. On page 87 she mentions Yvo deBoer reflecting his stance that the environmental goal to control global temperature to the a 2 deg limit will require us th shutdown the entire global economy!!!

    This kind of radical thinking IMHO is not just radical but extremely dangerous!

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