2015 – the Coolest Hottest Year Ever!

The media is full of stories about 2015 being the hottest year ever.

Tweeter Tom Nelson found out that’s a farce!  He tweeted:

“. bombshell: Earth COOLED 3.83F from 1997’s 62.45F to 2015’s 58.62F”

along with these two images showing the stated temps of 2015….and those from the NOAA archive of 1997….




Friends of Science Society’s resident scientific adviser Norm Kalmanovitch, P. Geoph. explains a few other things about ‘hottest year on record…”

Like…So What?

Climate change is not about a single year, but about a pattern of climate over years and decades. Here’s what Norm had to say on the topic:


The issue is called “climate change” and climate is the long term weather so whether or not 2015 was the warmest year is irrelevant to claims of catastrophic global warming being caused by CO2 emissions. El Niño conditions occurred in 1998, 2010 and 2015 resulting in temperature spikes that have nothing to do with the possible effect from CO2 emissions so the question becomes why would those promoting the concept of CO2 emissions causing global warming reference temperature values that have no relationship to the issue at hand.

El Niño conditions result from warm ocean currents at the ocean surface displacing otherwise colder water at the surface over a large enough area to affect the average global temperature. Satellites measure global temperature over an even grid above the ocean while surface based measurements only have an irregular spaced grid of ocean surface measurements resulting in surface based global temperature data not properly representing the same true rise in global temperature during el Niño conditions as the satellite based data.

These graphs of GISS surface based data and UAH MSU satellite based data show the difference in representing el Niño in these datasets. In terms of reliability UAH MSU is class 1 while the GISS dataset is relegated to class 3 so any true climate scientist would use satellite based data to make claims of a particular year as being the warmest, so the question  is not which is the warmest year but why this claim is being made on the basis of surface based measurements instead of using the far more accurate and precise satellite data?

image003 norm hottest yr one


image005 norm hottest yr image 2


Norm Kalmanovitch, P. Geoph.


Yale Climate Connection has recently made a video that appears to try and denigrate the quality of satellite records.  We countered their claims with this video clip on satellite data.  Then we explored the other types of temperature data and methods out there…. not encouraging!

So – not the hottest year…and not the point!

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    2016 was the HOTTEST on record and the past several decades have been hotter and hotter. TONS of news validating that, but…..you just wont see it posted here. Wonder why?


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