Friends of Science Society Statement on Ecojustice Complaint to Competition Bureau

Friends of Science Society today  (Dec. 3, 2015)  received notice via twitter of a complaint apparently filed with the Competition Bureau of Canada.  This complaint was publicized in a story in the National Observer of December 3, 2015.
According to the Competition Bureau of Canada “The Bureau conducts its investigations in private and keeps confidential the identity of the source and the information provided.”
Thus, the publication of the complaint and attendant publicity, prior to Friends of Science Society receiving any official notice of such action, appear to violate the nature and intent of Competition Bureau work, and to unfairly and publicly make damaging allegations against Friends of Science Society and other parties named in the document, which are not founded on investigative outcomes.
According to the Canadian Charter of Rights:
 Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
·         (a ) freedom of conscience and religion;
·         (b ) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication;
·         (c ) freedom of peaceful assembly; and
·         (d ) freedom of association.
Friends of Science Society note that Ecojustice, the party launching this complaint, is a taxpayer funded federally registered charity and that charities are so funded for the purpose of ‘public benefit.’
“Speaking for Friends of Science Society, we do not know what public benefit there is to a charity attempting to publicly denigrate a group of scientists and citizens who are expressing scientific information to the larger public. This would appear to go against the very essence of the Canadian Charter of Rights, the principles of scientific inquiry and public debate,” said Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society, noting that climate change measures in the EU and UK have severely damaged those economies and put millions of people into heat or eat poverty. “We await any formal notice from the Competition Bureau.”
Friends of Science Society has spent a decade reviewing a broad spectrum of literature on climate change and have concluded the sun is the main driver of climate change, not carbon dioxide (CO2). Friends of Science is made up of a core group of earth, atmospheric, solar scientists, engineers, as well as citizens who challenge the catastrophic view of climate change.
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The “Politicians can’t $top Climate Change” also ran in French and English in Ottawa.

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  1. Rick Walker

    What I find interesting is that fact that the knife cuts both ways. If there are ANY grounds for the Competition Bureau to investigate “Friends of Science”, then there would be analogous grounds to investigate EcoJustice, the professors on whose behalf they have filed the complaint, David Suzuki, the Suzuki Foundation, WWF, etc.
    “Friends of Science” have made their case on the basis of sound science. EcoJustice and Climate Change Alarmists are basing their case on fudged data (the famed “hockey stick graph”), manipulated data (NOAA ground based temperature data), questionable “data” (“97% Consensus”) and the utter failure of Global Climate models to make accurate projections of changing temperature.
    Should the Climate Change Alarmists be found to have presented misleading results, what would the penalty and fines be worth, particularly if, as per EcoJustice desires, it went to a criminal case.
    Remember, Prime Minister just committed to $2.65 Billion to “fight Climate Change”. How much has Canada spent over the last twenty to thirty years in support of the Alarmist claims? What has been the cost to our economy as a result of these claims?

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