Lots of people seem to have divergent views on climate change – and some do not like our billboard campaign. We are in favor of public dialogue – so – complain here. We’ll post it – as long as no swearing and no defamatory statements.  Here – you can tell the world what you think.


  1. Darrel Johnson

    Keep up the fight for the truth and against the fascists who would seek to silence you.

  2. colin pearce

    What a mean mean website…..spreading truth and facts….you should be shamed of yourselves.

  3. Steve

    Keep fighting the good fight! Good science is not dead (yet).

  4. Kel

    Keep fighting for the truth.

  5. Rick Walker

    I think you have, and are, doing a very good job at getting information out with respect to Climate Change.
    I was shocked to see a post yesterday that EcoJustice is attempting to muzzle you / suppress your opinion on the basis of misleading information “on behalf of fossil fuels”. I haven’t seen this on anything I would consider an official source, however, surely, it must work both ways. If they are going to try to press this action, then surely they are subject to similar action on behalf of world-wide “greens” (i.e. Warren Buffett. Bill Gates) and certainly the professors on whose basis they are, apparently, pressing the suite. Can you imagine if they were found guilty and had to pay “damages”, given that Justin Trudeau has pledged $2.65 Billion of the Canadian Electorates money to fight Climate Change, based on the ideology espoused at / by the IPCC?

    I expect comments are moderated / reviewed and if the following petition is inappropriate, please remove it.

    Anyway, I have been reviewing the information available on the Internet, ranging from variably biased news stories, to blogs (both pro and con) to scientific papers. It is glaringly evident that the subject of Climate Change:

    1. is biased, with a highly variable bias, from implicit to explicit, in ALL sources,
    2. is divisive, and strongly, polarized,

    and, most importantly,

    3. will have a significant impact on ALL Canadians (and the world), whether it is from the highly controversial impacts of Climate Change and/or the $2.65 Billion committed by the Liberal government to address world-wide Climate Change.

    I believe the time is long past to have an independent organization, free of government control and over-sight, advocacy groups and business review the available science, and make the results available to the government, at all levels, and the public.

    Although simply worded, the proposal would be very difficult, perhaps even impossible, to implement, however, the alternative, committing $2.65 Billion on the basis of highly contentious and controversial science, arguably better termed ideology, is irresponsible.

    Please consider signing the petition I have created, available through the link below.

    Finally, if you agree with it, please consider forwarding it on.

    • climatewise101

      Thank you very much for your initiative and supportive comments! Onward.

    • Yvonne

      I just need to elaborate on the $2.65 billion. It is to pad the pockets of all the small UN offshoots so when he show a up there he gets a (edited) welcome and lots of brownie points from the UN. It’s a complete sham.

  6. kim

    I listen only to science when it comes to this, in the meantime, digging a hole to live in to reduce my exposure to ignorant people.

  7. larry braun

    Keep up the good work!!!!!

  8. Tim

    Do these people not understand the implications of asking for criminal charges for having a different opinion on a scientific issue?
    Maybe they do and are totally fine with throwing away centuries of social and cultural advancement

    • geof

      Generally socialists are not playing with a full deck. In this case they are proud to be one world government tools.

  9. David Graham

    Not only do I like and believe in the campaign, I would like to see something similar here in Australia, matter of fact I would like to see it as part of a world-wide campaign … Any tips on how to do it I don’t have access to the huge grants of tax payer (mine) money warmists do.

    • climatewise101

      The simplest way is to use social media. You can take a selfie or short video of yourself with a print out of on of our a billboards – or put it up on your laptop as a screen saver behind you – then do a selfie. You can hold your OWN mini billboard with your own local statement on it. We also work on a mini budget and found digital boards seem to work reasonably well, though they only flash for 6 seconds. But do it yourself by facebook, twitter etc can be powerful. If you are concerned about backlash, wear a wig, paperbag, pumpkin… perhaps there is a particular Aussie thing that would send and extra message.

      • davidgraham08

        Thanks folks I will copy you in on my efforts as I get started.

  10. François Bissonnette

    Voltaire once said:
    “I may not agree with your views, but I’ll fight to death so you’ll have the right to thoroughly express yourself”
    It seems some ‘alarmists’ are ignoring democracy, and would prefer tyranny!
    Real scientists nature is to question/challenge data collection, modelling and interpretations.

  11. Jordan

    I am in absolute agree meant with on this
    Finally someone that is telling the real truth
    As well as Patrick Moore

  12. Annelise Freeman

    Interesting when many people, most of who have no scientific training, are given a view that opposes theirs they want that view expunged from all records. Thank goodness there are some saner heads in our midst. Science is a rational, non-emotional view of the facts leading to hypotheses that may be changed or abandoned as more information is added/discovered. I am truly amazed at the hysteria over climate change and the religious fanatics who cling to this model in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary and the exposed data fiddling by the main proponents.

  13. Harry

    Climate change has become THE political agenda for the left to justify outrageous taxes and gain subservience to their political goals so naturally the truth and facts about climate are not tolerated- free speech and science be damned.
    The outright lies, half-truths and spin presented by the mass media regarding climate change without so much as an attempt to back those statements up with facts or references demonstrates how a “flat earth society” works.
    The most laughable and desperate are the efforts of the climate leftists are to use uneducated actors/actresses to practise their art of pretending to be something they are not to convince people of their falsehoods.
    And now the intimidation of Eco Justice.

    • Annelise Freeman

      Harry, it is great to hear the science side for a change. I saw the whole problem summed up in a comment on another site where the author refuted the “fact” that glaciers were shrinking with satellite photography. The post said, “This fellow will never get funding again since he is not riding the global warming bandwagon of doom.”

  14. geof

    Thankyou FOS…you are fighting our fight .

  15. Rgreco

    Perhaps their time would be better spent investigating the scammers who wanted to hide the medieval warming period, the “peers” who originally “reviewed” the hockey stick graph, or the culprits who changed NASA’s historical temperature records.

    The skeptics aren’t the folks who have been disingenuous in this debate and they aren’t the ones who are constantly attempting to muzzle the opposition. If climate change was supported by science, there would be no need for the alarmists to resort to these tactics.

  16. Allan from Perth, Australia

    It is shocking that seemingly intelligent people can be brainwashed to believe that CO2 is the main driver of climate change! The blame for this mass deception and falsehood lies totally with the media – they glorified climate change into an hysteric religion, and people went for it! Those of us who strive for the truth must increase our involvement in re-establishing the facts – we must work harder to get the truth out to the public!

  17. FauxGreen

    Brilliant billboard campaign, bravo! We need more of actions like this to inform the unaware, misled public which is being criminally brainwashed by most of the mainstream media. The taxpayer-funded CBC, for example, is chief propagandist for the fiction of manmade climate change, and is in gross, egregious violation of its journalistic mandate requiring fair, balanced, objective, accurate reporting –

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