Calgary Climate Change Billboard Campaign Lights Up and Papers the City

Calgary is getting the climate change message with a series of digital and static billboards all over town, courtesy of Friends of Science Society!

As the Alberta government contemplates a carbon tax, we think that everyone should know:

50559-FriendsOfScienceDHP_3 pattison digi final oct 26

So, why tax it?

You see, despite a significant rise in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) there has been no warming in over 18 years – that’s before the Kyoto Accord was ever ratified! (Kyoto was supposed to ‘stop global warming’ by reducing GHGs – of which carbon dioxide was thought to be the biggest villain).

50559-FriendsOfScienceDHP_1 Pattison digi final 18 yr oct 26

You maybe don’t believe this.  Here is a newspaper article from Australia citing a 20 year hiatus!

And here’s where the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) announced a 15 year hiatus (up to their press time of 2013).

IPCC box 9.2

Now, the IPCC sets much of its work on climate models – computer simulations. What happens when you compare those simulations with reality? What are the real temperatures doing? Rising or staying about the same?  Well, as you can see in the billboard artwork below, the IPCC projected simulations go up….but the real temperatures do not.  This strongly suggests the IPCC climate models are faulty. We should not be relying on them for making climate policies.

pattison final cdn climate model calgary

So, we are telling our politicians to avoid being coerced into any bad deals at the Paris COP21 (21st meeting of the Conference of the Parties).  We have submitted a bi-lingual report to the federal government and the Alberta Climate Panel in which we ask them to speak for the fact that Canada has reduced real pollution while improving our economy.  Everyone should have to meet Alberta’s standards and our standards of land reclamation.  Here are the links to our report and a short video in French offering an overview.

say no to cli co2ercion

Finally, people may be wondering if humans are not causing warming – or if there is no warming at the moment – then what causes climate change?  We have spent some 13 years reviewing climate science literature.  Our core science team has about 300 years of training and experience in earth, atmospheric, solar sciences and engineering.  Based on what we have reviewed, the sun is the main direct and indirect driver of climate change.  Not you. Not CO2.

50559-FriendsOfScienceDHP_4 Pattison sun final digi oct 26

This fabulous photo is by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons. Note: Use does not imply endorsement.

We hope our billboards serve as conversation starters and a springboard to careful consideration of the consequences of acting in haste on climate policy.  Around the world, we have seen many negative and detrimental unintended consequences of climate policies.

We’re not asking you to agree with us.  We are asking you to think about it.  Feel free to share these images and ideas.  Let’s all stop calling people names and start discussing the evidence.

And please feel free to post complaints or comments right here on our blog. We’ll post pretty much anything as long as you don’t swear or denigrate others.

Climate – change your mind. 🙂


  1. Mark J McCullough



    • climatewise101

      Thanks! Tell all your friends! Downloading the images and tweeting or f/b …works great.

  2. Sylvia Irvine

    Finally, the truth. Please, please, PLEASE keep spreading this. Thank you for sending it to the appropriate government departments. Can you please follow up that they have read it before they go to Paris?

  3. Richard

    Is everyone in Alberta completely brainwashed? Look I get the oil industry has owned you forever but you can break free.

  4. Kathleen Kiely

    The King is Naked!! There, we said it….

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