It’s time. Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 1:30pm at Tomkins Park,  Calgary – just off 17th Ave and 8th St SW (by Mount Royal Village). Time to talk about whether phasing out coal is really a good idea or not for Alberta.  On the one hand, you have people saying doing so would save lives and save $300 million…then you have our evidence-based report “Burning Questions” that shows power prices would skyrocket, it would cost $11 Billion plus compensation to the coal industry, shareholders and employees (to be paid by taxpayers)…and no substantial benefit to human health or the environment.  First of all, natural gas costs double the input cost of coal; secondly, Alberta’s health care system already eats up about 45% of the government budget.  Electrical power is considered to be the most important common element in modern medical care.  And then of course, there’s business and industry…and jobs. Just ask Ontario how phasing out coal is going for them….

Some will say that the air quality in Ontario is much better – it probably is – because many US industrial operations were hit hard by the recession, and that’s where most of the smog used to come from according to the Ontario Ministry of Environment.

In fact, the worst ‘smog’ of all is caused by ….forest fires. Most of them caused by humans.  Then we find out that Eco-activists have apparently decided to use child respiratory health and the ‘risk’ from coal-fired power plants as a lever to advance the agenda of carbon trading and renewables like wind and solar! Shocking.

Anyway, come on down Sunday, Aug. 23, 2015 to Tomkins Park, beside Mount Royal Village just off 17 Ave and 8th St. SW in Calgary….debate starts at 1PM.  Bring your own chair.

Friends of Science Society thanks the Zinner Law Office for sponsoring the Speakers’ Corner.  Debate is the basis of democracy!