Climate change solutions are often expressed in very glowing, optimistic terms.  But after decades of testing low-carbon technologies and finding their faults, investing in green start-ups that stopped dead, and trying out carbon taxes or cap-and-trade in various parts of the world with unintended consequences, there’s a lot of evidence that some of these policies are not good.

Not good for citizens.

Not good for the environment.

We think climate science and climate change policies should be based on evidence, not optimistic hopes. In particular, we know that power generation seems to be a simple thing – all you and I do is flip a switch and there is light. In reality, power generation is an extremely complex industry. We’ve included some important technical commentary on this in our report.

Thus, we have issued “Reality vs. Climate Change Uncertainties” so that as Canadian premiers gather in Quebec City on April 14, 2015, and thereafter, Canadians can all have a fully informed conversation on these proposed ‘solutions’ and their potential consequences.

We would be pleased to hear your comments on our blog here or our facebook page.REALITY VS CLIMATE CHANGE UNCERTAINTIES FINAL april 06 2015