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The Sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not carbon dioxide.

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The Abacus Data-Ecofiscal Push Poll – A Critique of Methodology

Abacus Data recently issued “Perceptions in Carbon Pricing in Canada,” a survey intended to evaluate national sentiments about carbon taxes.

Page 15 of Abacus Power Point

First, this is a … Continue reading

The International Energy Agency: Global Energy and CO2 Status Report 2017

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017

Robert Lyman is an Ottawa energy policy consultant, former public servant of 27 years and former diplomat of 10 years. 

In March 2018, the … Continue reading

Chris Ragan -Your Livelihood Depends on Oil

One of the more amusing notes in the Ecofiscal Commission’s April 2018 report, “Clearing the Air: How Carbon Pricing Helps Canada Fight Climate Change,” relates to comments on Alberta and … Continue reading

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