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Month: July 2017

In Defence of Science – A Commentary on the Use of Aboriginal “Traditional Knowledge” in Regulation

Contributed by Robert Lyman © July 2017


On June 29, 2017 the Canadian federal government issued a discussion paper on the review of environmental and regulatory processes, presenting a … Continue reading

Environmental and Regulatory Reviews

Contributed by Robert Lyman © 2017

A Summary of the Federal Government Discussion Paper

On June 29, 2017, the federal government announced the issuance of a discussion paper on the … Continue reading

Review of NASA book “SUN, WEATHER and CLIMATE”

A review of the book “Sun, Weather and Climate” authored by John R. Herman and Richard A. Goldberg of NASA in 1978.

By Albert Jacobs, co-founder of Friends of Science.Continue reading


English version of this post found at THE COP21 AGREEMENT – JUST THE FACTS, PLEASE.

le 9 Juin 2017

Contribution de Robert Lyman © 2017

“Les faits, et seulement … Continue reading

The Donald and the Touchstone

By William Kay, manager of

Touchstones change colour when rubbed against gold. They can gauge an alloy’s purity. Global Warming is a touchstone of our times. Ask someone about … Continue reading

Red Teaming….

by Judith Curry Last week, Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator, stated he intended to form a ‘red team’ to debate climate science. What exactly is ‘red teaming’, and how can this

Continue reading
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