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Month: April 2016

PressProgress Jumps on Twitter Bandwagon Claiming On-line Friends of Science Advertorial “Gone”

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

April 22, 2016 – Posted by Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager

PressProgress, a media project of the Broadbent Institute, has updated an earlier report in which it announced … Continue reading

$50 Billion Drop in Oilpatch Investment – “Undue Influence – Markets Skewed”

The Calgary Herald reported April 08, 2016 that the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers forecasts a $50 billion drop in oilpatch investment by year end.

While certainly numerous global factors … Continue reading

NDP – LookB4ULeap

We found the #LEAPManifesto to not reflect our views of Canada. So we came up with the “Look Before You Leap” – or #LookManifesto. Comments welcome.

look manifesto bumper draft final

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More than $22 Billion to Phase-out Coal – what the Premier Left Out of Her Kitchen Chat

Some years ago, Premier Notley’s ‘kitchen chat’ would have been had alongside a coal-fired kitchen stove. Curiously absent from her April 7, 2016 televised address was any mention of the … Continue reading

Week in review – science edition — Climate Etc.

by Judith Curry A few things that caught my eye this past week.

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