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The Sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not carbon dioxide.

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Can Solar Energy Replace All U.S. Hydrocarbon Production?

Contributed by Robert Lyman @ 2015
Robert Lyman is an energy economist and former public servant with 37 years experience assessing energy issues.
Environmentalists who adhere to the theory of
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RESPONDING TO A LETTER IN THE CALGARY HERALD Dec. 11, 2015 RE “It’s about honesty”

These are our opinions.

Update Jan 09, 2016: Thanks to the sharp eye of a twitter follower, we note we had forgotten to link to the original letter. In the

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Nettoyons l’air de Paris ! Renvoyons-les dans les cordes !

par Michelle Stirling
(Traduction: )
Il y a quelques jours, la nouvelle éclatait : Volkswagen aurait trafiqué les tests d’émissions d’une partie de ses voitures diesels de haut de
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