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The Sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not carbon dioxide.

Month: December 2015

World news, December 12th, 2016:


      Climate settled.

Today just one year ago, December 12th 2015, world leaders came to an agreement to finish climate change. Immediately construction works started in Paris, France, to … Continue reading

“Post Paris: Climate Talks and Geopolitics”

To Lighten

the Darkest Day of the Year of

Winter Solstice…enjoy our gift of

“Post Paris: Climate Talks and Geopolitics” – a three part review of the industrial climate change Continue reading

Insights on the COP-21 Paris Agreement

Contributed by Friends of Science Society member Rob Pearce @Dec. 2015

A light hearted look at what the agreement really $ay$.  Really.

Bafflegab: Incomprehensible or pretentious verbiage, especially bureaucratic jargon.

Continue reading

Can Solar Energy Replace All U.S. Hydrocarbon Production?

Contributed by Robert Lyman @ 2015
Robert Lyman is an energy economist and former public servant with 37 years experience assessing energy issues.
Environmentalists who adhere to the theory of
Continue reading

RESPONDING TO A LETTER IN THE CALGARY HERALD Dec. 11, 2015 RE “It’s about honesty”

These are our opinions.

Update Jan 09, 2016: Thanks to the sharp eye of a twitter follower, we note we had forgotten to link to the original letter. In the

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Nettoyons l’air de Paris ! Renvoyons-les dans les cordes !

par Michelle Stirling
(Traduction: )
Il y a quelques jours, la nouvelle éclatait : Volkswagen aurait trafiqué les tests d’émissions d’une partie de ses voitures diesels de haut de
Continue reading

AN OPEN LETTER to Margaret Atwood, Vice President, PEN International

Dec 10, 2015

PEN International

ATTN: Ms. Margaret Atwood

Vice President


Dear Ms. Atwood,

RE: Public Trial – No Jury

On this December 10, 2015, the UN … Continue reading


Lots of people seem to have divergent views on climate change – and some do not like our billboard campaign. We are in favor of public dialogue – so – … Continue reading

Friends of Science Society Statement on Ecojustice Complaint to Competition Bureau

Friends of Science Society today  (Dec. 3, 2015)  received notice via twitter of a complaint apparently filed with the Competition Bureau of Canada.  This complaint was publicized in a story … Continue reading
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