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Month: September 2015

Power Generation Information on Difficulties of Instituting the Proposed Wind-Hydro National Grid Network in “Acting on Climate Change”


Generation Perspective

In “Act on Climate Change” – a McGill Trottier report issued in spring of 2015, there was a proposal for a Canadian national wind-hydro grid and the Continue reading

Coal Supply/Demand and Projections

Contributed by Robert Lyman @ 2015

As the phase-out coal debate continues in Alberta, it may be useful to get some perspective on world coal resources and use.

Coal ResourcesContinue reading

What is the IPCC’s Credibility on Global Warming? A 2002 Kyoto Debate Retrospective

In 2002, Allan MacRae, P. Eng. was part of a published debate on the Kyoto Accord solicited by APEGA – the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta and … Continue reading


by Robert Lyman
Copyright 2015 (contributed to Friends of Science Society)
According to recent press reports, U.S. President Obama soon may announce his Administration’s final decision concerning whether to grant
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