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The Sun is the main driver of climate change. Not you. Not carbon dioxide.

Month: December 2014

Liberté de parole? Bien sûr! Mais pour vous seulement????

(Note: This was originally issued in the fall of 2014 – but these kinds of controversies continue today, so we reissued this blog piece as a video in April 2015. Continue reading

Is 2014 Shaping up as the Hottest Year on Record? And, how long is the record? Oh, 36 years – 18 of them stagnated or cooling?

By Norm Kalmanovitch, P. Geoph.

Resident Science Adviser to Friends of Science Society

Recently the press has been alive with stories of 2014 shaping up to be the ‘hottest on Continue reading

The IPCC Synthesis Report – Missing from the Headlines is the 18 Year PAUSE in Global Warming…or “We told you so, Dr. Pachauri”  

By Norm Kalmanovitch, P. Geoph.

Resident Science Adviser & Friends of Science member


On February 22, 2013 IPCC Chair Rajendra Pachauri acknowledged a 17 year “pause” in global warming essentially Continue reading

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